Robins Trust Challenge

The Robin Trust was founded in 1993 by Leslie McLeod-Downes, who relocated to the UK and currently works for the NHS in Gloucestershire, and is a member of the Health&Hustle.  Her daughter, Robyn, required specialised nursing care and Leslie recognised the lack of qualified carers in the Cape Town area.  Leslie, following Robyn’s passing started to train carers to provide home-based care services via an agency and is passionate about succeeding in funding carers.

Team Health&Hustle are running a challenge and raising funds for the Robin Trust which is a non-profit organisation, delivering excellent nursing and home-based care.  The Trust is a team of dedicated professionals who provide skilled and compassionate health care to patients, that range from individuals requiring home based care to those in the need of medical rehabilitation at their sub-acute facility.  The Robin Trust also operates a Home based Care College providing sought-after training to students.

The fees for the full accredited programme is £500 per student. The programme is life changing for an individual, who is economically deprived and without an income. On completion they have recognised training and an entry into the job market as a carer. It further benefits the community as they provide skilled care to people in various settings such as their own home, care homes and hospitals.

Health&Hustle likes to make a difference and this year we are pleased to be supporting this international charity, which is our charity of the year. 

How are we going to make a difference?  We are promoting a challenge where you can walk, run or jog to collate your distance and enter your achievement in your own personal data capture sheet.

How much will it cost to enter?  We are charging £15 to enter by donating to our go fund page to sign up here

How does this work?  Once you have signed up, mail your details to this email address who will send you your data capture sheet.  Once you receive the sheet you can either print or use it on a computer to enter your daily activity.  Select either 100, 250. 500, 750 or 1000miles to set your personal challenge distance, and you can start the challenge whenever you want and add your distance in KM starting at week1.  For anyone attempting 1000miles we advise you to try and complete  the challenge in a year.  When you Finish your challenge, send your sheet in and you will receive a medal for completing the challenge.  You can also purchase a challenge shirt for £18, which can be ordered from Gloucester Sports If you don’t want to do the challenge you can donate to the go fund page, or if you want to raise additional funds you can do this by asking friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.

With your help and support, we can achieve our goal and make difference.  You can also benefit from taking on the challenge with your own health and wellbeing.  Either take on the challenge, share with someone who needs a challenge or wants to get active.